Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, driving home last night from work, I passed a house that already had Christmas lights and decorations up and lit. What the heck? Last time I checked, we just got done with Halloween and are waiting to celebrate Thanksgiving.....I didn't think Santa traveled on the Mayflower or am I wrong? Seriously people!! Can you at least wait until after Thanksgiving to at least turn on your Christmas lights? I like mocking these people as I drive by their houses. I know I am mean!! I love Christmas don't get me wrong!! I just don't like people starting to decorate for it a month and half before the holiday.....I told you there is a reason why my blog is named "Jennie's Boring Life".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love This Picture

This picture makes me laugh. I am not sure what is funnier, the fact that the cat is sitting on the toilet or the look on the cat's face. I have an uncle who trained their cat to use the toilet and to flush it. No joke!! I know I am weird!! That's what makes me so lovable!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Time Flies......

So, I realized that I haven't blogged since July. My life really hasn't been that exciting. I have just been busy working and seeing the boyfriend as much as I can between his work schedule and my work schedule. Long distance relationships are hard and I would never recommend them to anyone, HOWEVER he is worth it and the distance between us isn't permanent. It has been REALLY hard on this blogger not to mention the added pressure of the family and some friends wondering when we are getting married. The parental units have been pressuring me to set a date with him and we aren't even engaged yet. Up until last month he didn't even know if he was staying in Vegas. He had a six month probation period for his new position and wanted to make sure he was permanently there before any other decisions were made. If I sound like I am ranting on about this, deal with it!! I am TIRED of people nagging me about my relationship. I understand people want me to be happy and don't want me to be hurt, but they need to realize that I am an adult and things don't always happen in the time period they or I want them to. I am already stressed about this relationship as it is due to the distance between us. I don't need added pressure. It doesn't help!! It just makes me more stressed. And to add to this my job seems to be uncertain, so I don't need ANYTHING else added to my life right now!! So, if you truly want to be a good friend just give me a hug and some moral support!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Day Has Come!!

Free at Last!! As of today, I no longer have the VW Jetta. No more worrying if the car is going to break down, no more planning my activities so that I leave from wherever I am in enough time to drive home so that it is still light outside. That car has been the bane of my existence for too long. I went to look for cars today with the BF while he was in town. (He is a very patient man, one of the many wonderful things I love about him.) We were just looking, but found a good deal that got my piece of crap car out of my hands. I now own a 2008 Saturn Aura. It is nice. I am so happy to have a car that has working headlights, horn, windshield wipers, air conditioning etc. My BF is happy that his woman no longer drives a death trap. My family is happy too. It is weird, I kind of was sad letting the Jetta go. Not sure why.... It has memories attached to it both good and bad. It was the last thing that attached me to my ex-husband financially. (I am sure he will be happy to know he doesn't have that attached to him either).
I now have a new start with a new car. It is kind of scary to be the sole owner of a car, but at least I have a dependable vehicle now!! Yay me!! So does this mean I am now officially an adult?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cars and their drivers

So, the past week or so, as I have looked out my window office, I have seen several police cars, ambulances and fire trucks rush down the street. There have been several accidents not only on the freeway, but several on the surface streets. What the heck is going on with the drivers in this state? Seriously....I drove by a motorcycle accident and saw two people laying on the ground and pieces of the bike all over the street. My roommate was on the freeway when it was shut down due to a tow truck LANDING on top of a car!! The tow truck driver looked down for a minute while driving through a CONSTRUCTION ZONE and over corrected when he looked back up. Here is a clue people when driving a vehicle PAY ATTENTION TO DRIVING!!! Good grief!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

This Made Me Laugh

So as I was driving to work this morning, this is what was on the van in front of me. The slogan reads, "We're number one in a number two business." Of course this van was a rotor rooter van. So funny right? It made me laugh all the way to my office(My office wasn't that far from the traffic light I was sitting at.) Potty humor, still funny after all these years.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Looks Are Deceiving

Don't let it's cuteness fool you! It's really a wolf in sheep's clothing! Anyone who knows this blogger knows that she has had issue after issue with this vehicle. It has eaten a good chunk of change and still doesn't work like it should, not to mention having to make payments on this P.O.C. every month. I even parked it outside our office on a busy street hoping someone would run into it and put me out of my misery with this thing. And still, it sits there, mocking me. I have a love hate relationship, mostly hate with this car. Yes, it might be cute and spunky looking with heated seats, CD player, sunroof, cruise control, power everything etc,etc, but it just really is a pile of junk. I have come to my LAST STRAW with this thing. It now has no working lights, horn, signals, blower for the a/c-heat...Yeah that helps me when its been raining...I had ALL the fuses tested and apparently it is the wiring. Does anyone know how much it costs to fix the wiring? It's $2,000.00 just for parts!! If I could turn back time I would have NEVER purchased this car. I bought this car, when I was still a "WE", which makes this car an "ours" on the loan. Isn't that great? Yes, Yes it is..... However, a new day has come (Isn't that a Celine Dion song?) I am about to get rid of this craptacular car for good. So, if anyone would like to pay their respects to this car you can. I would love to say rest in piece little car, but I wouldn't mind if it burned in hell.....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"I Looked out the wndow and what did I see?"

It definately wasn't popcorn, but LOTS of snow!. Yes, this is what you could see from our window this morning before church!! May I remind you that today is MARCH 29TH?!! IT IS SPRING, NOT THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!! Look at all the snow that fell within a few hours of it starting. I don't think I will EVER get use to the weather up here in Utah. Yesterday, I was driving around town with my sunroof open. Today I had to clean of several inches of snow on my car before I could leave the parking lot. I complain, but it really is pretty!!
You can see my car all covered in snow.
I like how you can see the snow falling in these pictures. It is days like this, that make me want to stay curled up in bed and drink hot chocolate.....generally these days happen in the middle of Winter, not the beginning of Spring!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thankfulness...Is What I am Lacking

So, yesterday as I came into the office, my boss was sitting with a client who wanted to rent one of our houses. She has had a hard year to say the least. She lost a daughter and then was dumped into a homeless shelter by her wonderful husband along with her six other children. She obviously has no car, so she had to take a taxi to our office and I drove her around to look at the houses we have available. At the end of the errands I made with her I had to take her back to the shelter. She is going to be living in one of our houses because of the housing program here in UT. I usually gripe about these people because most of them, unlike her don't deserve the help. She is originally from the South and is actually from a city that was in my mission boundaries. She made me feel ashamed for all of the things I whine about. She has less than I do and has a lot to complain about, but she doesn't. She is very thankful for all that she does have. She reminded me that I need to be more thankful in my own life. As I dropped her off at the shelter, a school bus pulled up and dropped off a girl who looked like she was probably a sophmore in highschool. It made my heart hurt to see this young girl walk into the shelter. This experience made me think that I need to be less selfish and find ways to be of service to more people I come in contact with. So, not only do I need to find ways to be of servie to people, I also need to be more thankful for what I have.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, This bracelet was given to me by the boyfriend before his move to Las Vegas. Now, I know this isn't some fancy bracelet, but it's something of his that means something to me. I lost it about a month ago and was sad. Last Wednesday, the boyfriend and I were in my kitchen making mashed potatoes to go with our dinner. I pulled open the drawer and got out the beaters for the mixer for the potatoes and found my bracelet!! It was hooked around one of the beaters! Weird! I am not sure how it came off of my wrist or why I hadn't found it up until now. I have been in that drawer several times before now and this was the first time I saw my bracelet. So, now it is safely back on my wrist and whenever I look at it, it puts a smile on my face cause it makes me think of the boyfriend. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Leaving on a Jet Plane....."

So, I had the pleasure of flying first class on my way back from going to Las Vegas to see the boyfriend. It was awesome! I fly standby and it is the luck of the draw as to what seat I get when I use his flight benefits. I looked at my ticket and saw that I was in "Zone 1" which is the first part(business or first class) of the plane. It was freaking awesome!! I got on the plane and saw that there was bottled water at my seat. The flight attendant asked if I wanted anything else besides water before we took off. Of course I said yes!! We even got better snacks than the people behind first class....It was nice to be pampered. All that leg room to stretch out and relax in. Seriously, a girl could get used to that!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pride Cometh Before The Fall....Literally!

About a half hour ago I totally ate it on the pavement in front of a rental home I manage. I was walking from my car up to the house to meet with some clients and tripped because the sidewalk is uneven. I am not sure what was hurt more....my pride or my hands and knees that are now THROBBING!!! The male client was nice enough to lend me his hand and helped me up.(Which really just made me feel more dumb because I could have gotten up by myself.) I was just glad I didn't hit my face or my glasses on the cement. You can't really see it, but in the top picture my left kneed has a bruised lump. My right need is red and bruised. Stupid Sidewalk!! Stupid Pride!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, I am excited because I am going to go home and have pizza for dinner! I love pizza, especially pepperoni pizza. What could be better than a crust slathered with cheese and meat? Mmmmm good! Bless those Italians and their wonderful food! Yeah, this blog is really short. I love Pizza!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Las Vegas Baby!!

So, I went to Las Vegas Monday morning to see my man. It was great to see him. I was actually nervous. I guess it was from anticipation and not seeing him for about 3 weeks that did it. The last long distance relationship I had ended in a divorce. I have had some hesitation and worries about dating a man in a different state because of this. Obviously, my ex husband and my boyfriend are totally two different men, but it still is a worry of mine. There were circumstances surrounding my marriage that would have ended it, even if he hadn't gone away for six months to boot camp. Once my ex husband got back home, everything went downhill. Thus far, all things look good between Tony and I. The adversary has tried to convince me otherwise. It is amazing what he does to try to get you to lose faith. I hope some day, we all get a chance to punch him in the face or even better beat him with a stick like a pinata. Anyways, It was nice to see him and hangout in Las Vegas. He is such a great guy. I know people are TIRED of hearing that. Well deal with it!! Until I am actually in the same town as he is, you will continue hearing about him and how wonderful I think he is and how much I miss him. Thankfully he is coming up here next Monday. He is in the process of trying to sell his house, not to mention training for his new job and looking for a new place to live. Needless to say, he is under a lot of stress right now and I am trying my best not to add to it. Greatfully, I have good room mates that don't mind hearing me whine about it. (or at least they do a good job at pretending they don't mind...). My life feels like it is in a holding pattern until he gets settled. All I can do right now is be supportive and help him as much as I can from Utah. I just need to keep myself busy and not become neurotic.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It is an ice cream day. :(

My cute, wonderful boyfriend has moved.....to Las Vegas. Today is a sad day in this blogger's life. He got a promotion and a pay raise. On one hand, I am happy for him, on the other I am sad because I won't get to see him as often. Thankfully, he is an airplane mechanic for one of the largest airlines, so I can fly free and I have cousins that live in Vegas. Here is to hoping I get a ring here soon, so that I can move down there and be near him. We have talked about marriage. He is the one that generally brings it up. Just last night he asked, if I wouldn't mind being married in the Las Vegas Temple. Obviously there are no plans for us to breakup. I told him the only way he is getting rid of me is if I die or he breaks up with me. Since neither of us see us without each other, it is just a matter of time as to when I am a fiance. But today, I am going to go home and cry into a carton of ice cream. That's how us girls deal with our emotions we eat....