Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Day Has Come!!

Free at Last!! As of today, I no longer have the VW Jetta. No more worrying if the car is going to break down, no more planning my activities so that I leave from wherever I am in enough time to drive home so that it is still light outside. That car has been the bane of my existence for too long. I went to look for cars today with the BF while he was in town. (He is a very patient man, one of the many wonderful things I love about him.) We were just looking, but found a good deal that got my piece of crap car out of my hands. I now own a 2008 Saturn Aura. It is nice. I am so happy to have a car that has working headlights, horn, windshield wipers, air conditioning etc. My BF is happy that his woman no longer drives a death trap. My family is happy too. It is weird, I kind of was sad letting the Jetta go. Not sure why.... It has memories attached to it both good and bad. It was the last thing that attached me to my ex-husband financially. (I am sure he will be happy to know he doesn't have that attached to him either).
I now have a new start with a new car. It is kind of scary to be the sole owner of a car, but at least I have a dependable vehicle now!! Yay me!! So does this mean I am now officially an adult?