Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday

Christina got on my case about how I haven't posted a new post. I just think she was tired of looking at those pictures of New Kids. I really don't have much to say, except that I am tired and wishing I wasn't at work right now. That's right, I am blogging while at work. I am working a half day because apparently people want to look at rental homes in the afternoon after they have been up since 3 or 4 in the morning shopping. Really? Are you serious? The last thing I would want to do after trampling people to get to the "great deals", is go look for a home to live in. No thanks!! So here I sit, half asleep(cause Christina woke me up this morning!! J/K!) wishing I were anywhere but here. No one has called. My phone hasn't made a sound since I got to work. Why? Because everyone else decided it was a good idea to take the day off after a holiday!! They probably assumed that we wouldn't be showing houses since it is a holiday weekend. I have left messages for my boss on his cell phone that he has yet to return, why you ask? Well, he isn't working obviously!! It's a holiday weekend. Maybe I am just bitter, or still tired from the turkey? Who knows...All I know is that it is Friday, the day after Thanks Giving and I am stuck at the office!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hangin' Tough

Yes, Yes, I have. I knew they would come back someday!!Yes, this blog is out none other than New Kids On The Block!! They are apparently performing tonight in Salt Lake Center at the E Center. I am not too ashamed to admit that if I had tickets, I would have gone, just for old times sake. My niece(bless her heart), had tried winning tickets for their concert so that she and I could go. Seeing their performances on television was amusing, not so much because they are so much older, but to see women in their 30's, holding up signs saying "I love you Jordan". It made me laugh. I would have done that back when I was 13, but not now. I remember going to a concert where Jordan did this very thing and swooned!! Yes, I swooned in all of my 13 year old glory!!!(Granted, if he looks like this now, I still might swoon, I can hear Christina gagging somewhere in the distance....) I had my room PLASTERED with their posters. I had the Jordan Knight Doll, the shoe laces, and I believe a pillow case. I even remember dressing up as a "New Kids on The Block Fan" for Halloween, and thinking I was so totally cool!! That was back when my hair looked like this Yes, I know all of you are jealous of that hair!!! Yes, those were the good ol'days. Now I am a 33 year old grown woman, I can't believe how time has flown.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I love Fall, it is my favorite season. I love the changing of the leaves, the crisp, fresh air, the abillity to finally wear sweaters and boots again. My dear roomie and I went around our neighbor hood and took pictures of the trees(in between her dropping her camera) and thoroughly had a good time. Yes, Fall is a great time of year. It is good for crunching leaves under your feet, drinking hot chocolate, eating pie and various other wonderful fall foods. I love Fall!!