Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday

Christina got on my case about how I haven't posted a new post. I just think she was tired of looking at those pictures of New Kids. I really don't have much to say, except that I am tired and wishing I wasn't at work right now. That's right, I am blogging while at work. I am working a half day because apparently people want to look at rental homes in the afternoon after they have been up since 3 or 4 in the morning shopping. Really? Are you serious? The last thing I would want to do after trampling people to get to the "great deals", is go look for a home to live in. No thanks!! So here I sit, half asleep(cause Christina woke me up this morning!! J/K!) wishing I were anywhere but here. No one has called. My phone hasn't made a sound since I got to work. Why? Because everyone else decided it was a good idea to take the day off after a holiday!! They probably assumed that we wouldn't be showing houses since it is a holiday weekend. I have left messages for my boss on his cell phone that he has yet to return, why you ask? Well, he isn't working obviously!! It's a holiday weekend. Maybe I am just bitter, or still tired from the turkey? Who knows...All I know is that it is Friday, the day after Thanks Giving and I am stuck at the office!!!

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