Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing In Particular

Apparently, some people go way to far with this! The following pictures are people's cats with homemade sweaters on! I like cats, just ask my family or friends! However, I have better things to do with my time than to do this to a pet, if I had one. Seriously? Why would ANYONE put a sweater on an animal? You can tell they look highly irritated. Besides, they have fur, which obviously was put on them to keep them warm.

This blog isn't really about anything. I did this instead of whining. See I told you my life is truly boring!! I need to get out more, especially if it has come down to me blogging about cats in sweaters!! This picture shows EXACTLY how I am feeling today. I will end with this very funny cartoon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things You Find On The Internet

So, I was just fiddling around on the internet and came across these pictures. You are all probably wondering why I am posting these particular pictures. He's a very good looking man isn't he?!!! Well, this is my nephew. True story, no lie, this is my nephew.

I use to babysit this kid. He became a model while I was on my mission. He was discovered while working out(No joke). He is a smart guy too. He has a bacherlor's degree in Political Science, went to school on a wrestling scholarship and now is in real estate. He also happens to be on the show "Flip This House." This is the picture and bio they have of him on their website.

"The latest recruit - Jeremy - is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model with a head for numbers. He's Than's right hand man in the search for good investment properties. This model turned acquisitions expert still has a lot to learn - his good looks and easy smile may charm the ladies, but not Than and Paul." The great thing about him, is that he is totally down to earth, and you would never know he was a model. He isn't anything like what you would think a male model would be. The reason I am telling you this, is that it is weird to see someone you know in magazines, on T.V or on the internet, especially when you know the person smiling back at you from the pages of a magazine personally.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Well, today is my birthday. I know all of you that are reading this are so excited!! As I was looking for a birthday cake image to put on my blog, I came across some interesting cakes. So, I am going to post them on this entry and let you guys who read this comment on your favorite one.

This first one is of Chewbacca. I thought of you, Christina when I saw this. Only because you LOVE Star Wars. I think every Stars Wars Fan should have a cake like this on their birthday!!

This next one is of a guinea pig. This reminded me of that groom's cake on "Steel Magnolias". That armadillo? Why would anyone want a slice of guinea pig?

This one is of a Louis Vitton purse. I just thought it was cute. This is something my niece, sister or mom would have as a cake.

This one is very cute! This one goes along with the purse above. It's very fashionable.

This one is made of paper. This one is neither fashionable nor editable, but it would make a great center piece for a birthday party!!

This one is just entirely creepy!! Why would ANYONE want a cake of an eerily real looking baby? It's not even cute!!

Last, but DEFINATELY not least, is this one!! By far this is my favorite one!! It goes along with my Studs N Spurs calendar we have hanging in our kitchen. Maybe I should request my mom make this for my birthday cake?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am so Thankful!! October 1, 2008

Well, I had an interesting experience yesterday. As some of you know, I am divorced. I still keep in contact with my ex-sister-in-law. She and I are good friends and her kids have only ever known me as Aunt Jennie. She and her husband are about to move to Calfornia for his military training for a year. We wanted to see each other before they left, so I went over to see her tonight. She just happens to be staying with her mom, my ex-mother-in-law. (Whom I adore). That wasn't the problem, the problem is that my dear ex-husband lives with his mommy too. So, he arrived home shortly after I got there and promptly went to another part of the house. After awhile, he apparently left and then called his mother to see if I would talk to him. He gave the lame excuse that he wanted to talk to me about my car(which use to be our car). So, I agreed to talk to him. Let me just say, I am so thankful he is no longer in my life!! My ex-husband was grinning ear to ear when he saw me and was checking me out the whole time I was talking to him. A blind man would have seen how obvious he was. I was not only uncomfortable, but also slightly queasy knowing he was trying to flirt with me. He then grilled his sister for information to see if I was single and available. Apparently, he thought I would be attracted to a man who lives with his mother and doesn't have a stable job? He forgot the reasons why he's my EX HUSBAND. His sister told him you don't and will never have a chance at getting her back. She also mentioned I was dating someone. He still is acting like he's sixteen. It has just made me that much more grateful for the wonderful man that I have in my life now. He is the greatest guy. I am sure some of you are gagging now, so shut your mouth!!