Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Well, today is my birthday. I know all of you that are reading this are so excited!! As I was looking for a birthday cake image to put on my blog, I came across some interesting cakes. So, I am going to post them on this entry and let you guys who read this comment on your favorite one.

This first one is of Chewbacca. I thought of you, Christina when I saw this. Only because you LOVE Star Wars. I think every Stars Wars Fan should have a cake like this on their birthday!!

This next one is of a guinea pig. This reminded me of that groom's cake on "Steel Magnolias". That armadillo? Why would anyone want a slice of guinea pig?

This one is of a Louis Vitton purse. I just thought it was cute. This is something my niece, sister or mom would have as a cake.

This one is very cute! This one goes along with the purse above. It's very fashionable.

This one is made of paper. This one is neither fashionable nor editable, but it would make a great center piece for a birthday party!!

This one is just entirely creepy!! Why would ANYONE want a cake of an eerily real looking baby? It's not even cute!!

Last, but DEFINATELY not least, is this one!! By far this is my favorite one!! It goes along with my Studs N Spurs calendar we have hanging in our kitchen. Maybe I should request my mom make this for my birthday cake?

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