Friday, March 27, 2009

Thankfulness...Is What I am Lacking

So, yesterday as I came into the office, my boss was sitting with a client who wanted to rent one of our houses. She has had a hard year to say the least. She lost a daughter and then was dumped into a homeless shelter by her wonderful husband along with her six other children. She obviously has no car, so she had to take a taxi to our office and I drove her around to look at the houses we have available. At the end of the errands I made with her I had to take her back to the shelter. She is going to be living in one of our houses because of the housing program here in UT. I usually gripe about these people because most of them, unlike her don't deserve the help. She is originally from the South and is actually from a city that was in my mission boundaries. She made me feel ashamed for all of the things I whine about. She has less than I do and has a lot to complain about, but she doesn't. She is very thankful for all that she does have. She reminded me that I need to be more thankful in my own life. As I dropped her off at the shelter, a school bus pulled up and dropped off a girl who looked like she was probably a sophmore in highschool. It made my heart hurt to see this young girl walk into the shelter. This experience made me think that I need to be less selfish and find ways to be of service to more people I come in contact with. So, not only do I need to find ways to be of servie to people, I also need to be more thankful for what I have.

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